Heritage Homeschool Fellowship is a Christian cooperative of homeschool families located in the Central KY region.  Our desire is to support and encourage families already homeschooling and to provide guidance to those that are considering homeschooling their children.  Our leadership is dedicated to being involved at the local, state, and national levels to help insure that our rights as families that wish to educate their children at home are protected.

Heritage Homeschool Fellowship provides this support through many avenues.  We have classes one afternoon each week that provide a wonderful environment for students to learn together.  Many of our classes are focussed on things that are inherently easier to do in a group environment, such as music or PE classes, or classes that are wonderful supplements to the core studies that parents are already teaching at home.  Clubs and extracurricular activities are also available to provide opportunities for further growth and socialization for your children.

Heritage Homeschool Fellowship highly values parents as the best educators for their children and therefore valuable contributors to the design and selection of our classes and activities.  In addition to incorporating parent involvement in critical decisions, we also see a responsibility on our behalf to provide fellowship and support to help energize and encourage parents to continue doing a great job of educating their children throughout the remainder of the week.  This is accomplished through fellowship time, workshops on homeschool related topics, as well as a mentoring program involving matching veteran homeschool parents with those just beginning their journey.

Heritage Homeschool Fellowship recognizes our rich heritage in being Christians and also citizens in our great nation.  Investing our energy, time, and love into the next generation will help to insure that the future leaders in our community, state, and nation are able to carry forward the powerful principles and values that our nation was founded upon.



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